Events & Venues

WOOFYT – Events & Venues

Since 2003 Jeremy has taken the WOOFYT into primary and secondary schools, colleges, cathedrals, churches, concert halls, music festivals and summer schools throughout the UK.

WOOFYT activities include:

WOOFYT Sessions

A single school class, usually lasting 60 – 90 minutes according to the age of the participants and the time available. Usually three – four classes can be accommodated in a school day.


Consecutive sessions for several school classes as part of a ‘carousel’ of events in which the students experience a range of activities in rotation.


  • ‘Organ-ise’ at Worcester Cathedral – four groups moving between the organ, the WOOFYT, a ‘Science of Sound’ session and a film & discussion on organ design & construction
  • St Paul’s Cathedral, London – WOOFYT session combined with a cathedral tour and organ demonstration
  • Winchester Cathedral – WOOFYT session combined with a cathedral tour, a singing session and an opportunity to play a chamber organ
Illustrated Lecture Recitals

The WOOFYT in an effective supporting role, helping to de-mystify pipe organs and reach out to congregations and communities.


  • Historic Organ Sound Archive project, run by the British Institute of Organ Studies and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund
Teacher Training

PGCE students learn how to deliver a novel cross-curricular project to a primary school class.

Leadership Training

Participants are shown a dismantled WOOFYT and told to work out how to assemble it, find out what it does, and play it.